Dedicated to Providing Under-resourced Students the Skill Set Needed to Excel in High School

"Something powerful happens when you come to the realization that you really are the only person who can change your course—that it really is up to you. That you can take charge of your future. That at the end of the day, your willpower comes from within you." 


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The Mission of MSP

This video provides a detailed explanation of the purpose and goal of Mack's School Prep. 

*Special Note about Timeline: This video was filmed during my Gap Year in the fall of 2019, a few months after I graduated from high school.

Time Management

This video describes the steps you need to take in order to avoid time traps and the pitfalls of procrastination.

The PADSA Process

This video teaches you the art of creating a homework and study schedule that works.

Hi, I'm Mack! I Want to Help You Reach Your Full Potential.

Mackenzie Warren

I am dedicated to teaching you all the strategies and skills I've learned over the years that enabled me to make straight A's throughout high school and to be admitted into Duke University along with 12 other prestigious colleges (Claremont McKenna, Emory, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, Rice, Swarthmore, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Texas at Austin Liberal Arts Honors Program, University of Virginia, Vanderbilt, Washington University in St. Louis, and Wellesley). I have the utmost confidence that if you actively implement and apply the principles I share with you, you too will be successful at putting your best foot forward in the classroom!

What Others are Saying

Ramon Moss

Principal, Carnegie Vanguard HS

"Mackenzie is the epitome of radiant sunshine and enthusiasm!  Part of the catalyst for positive change and motivation to others is evident in her leadership and overall humanitarian nature.  She is passionate about learning, leading, and setting a good example in helping others."

Beverly Wilson

Business Manager, Carnegie Vanguard HS

"Mackenzie is a smart, adventurous, risk-taking, and dedicated leader who always makes sure to finish what she starts. She has been a positive role model for incoming 9th graders at Carnegie through Swimming Downstream (an academic achievement club)."

Jane Schulz

Teacher, Carnegie Vanguard HS

"Mackenzie was a top-performing student at Carnegie always willing to go out of her way to assist her peers academically. Swimming Downstream has helped many 9th grade students acclimate to the academic demands of Carnegie, while also providing them with a peer group to meet their social needs.  Mackenzie's initiative and drive brought Swimming Downstream to life!" 

Colleen Schmidt

Teacher, Carnegie Vanguard HS

"Mackenzie is an organized, career driven, straight A student with a life plan.  It’s an amazing thing to watch in action."


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