BEFORE you read this blog, make sure to watch the ENTIRE series on the Art of Note-Taking! Click here to do so! If you've already watched the series, then reference the photo below for a visual example of my color-coded outlined notes. Notes taken using the Outline Method (which is debriefed in my YouTube videos) are very helpful because at the end of the day, it's about the SHAPE of your notes. Let's face it: it's much easier to visually retain notes that incorporate color and don't just resemble one big block of writing!


  • Red: Heading
  • Blue: Subheadings
  • Orange: Key Parts of the Main Ideas/Conclusions
  • Indented -->: Subpoints
  • Yellow (unfortunately, it's very faint): Key Parts of the Subpoints
  • Green: Key Terms that I need to know how to define

***WHAT TO KEEP IN MIND: Pay close attention to how I didn't use complete sentences, how I abbreviated words when possible, and how I used drawings when applicable (e.g. arrows, hearts, etc.)!